Peppermint – Mentha × piperita, also known as M. balsamea Willd is in the family of Lamiaceae, the mints, of course. It is a hybrid crossed with watermint and spearmint. It hails from Europe and the Middle East and is now everywhere. Sometimes it is found in the wild with its parent species. It hybridized itself without man’s help. How smart is that? How wonderful is nature! It is used in diffusers as an energy booster, and the fragrance itself perks you up. It is cooling, refreshing, and wakes up your mental alertness. The yearly blooming herb is extracted before the lovely tiny purple flowers bloom using the steam distillation process. Use it in your diffuser, vaporizer, massage oils, and in you tub bath. It is used in toothpaste, mouthwash, and of course, candy canes. The cooling vapors has a menthol component that boosts your mood, to be centered and focused, it removes irritation and redness on skin, helps with congestion and digestion.