Play the Game

Welcome to the Dragon’s Fortress
In this game, you don’t fight dragons.
You ARE the dragon.

In the deck, there are

  • Five cards each of: Dragon, The Castle, Knight, Armory Room, Treasure Room, Magic Room, Draw Again.
  • Five different furnishing cards each of: Treasure, Magic, Weapons

You Must

  • Settle your small dragon card into his home.
  • Build your fortress around your dragon by collecting all four sections.
    The Castle, Armory Room, Magic Room, Treasure Room.
  • Furnish each room with at least one item.
  • Slide furnishing card under room card.
  • You must have a room card before you can furnish it.
  • Fend off knights and other dragons.
  • If a person plays a knight toward you, you must play a weapon or dragon card before you get to draw.
  • If a person plays a dragon toward you, you must play a magic or treasure card before you get to draw.
  • If you don’t have the correct card, you lose your turn.

To Play

  • Put small dragon cards into the bag and agree on a color that will be the dealer and go first; everyone chooses a dragon.
  • Dealer deals five cards to each player then makes the first draw.
  • Dealer plays whatever cards he can, face-up, around his dragon.
  • Dealer discards. Everyone must discard on each play.
  • Play moves to the left.
  • If you have no cards, you may draw two and discard one.

The Winner

  • The first to complete their fortress and furnish each room with one item.
  • Score = one point for the hand. PLAY AGAIN!

Variations on the game

1) If you are only playing with two people – try to gather 3 items for your rooms before there is a winner.

2) The drinking game. If someone plays a dragon card toward you, if you don’t have a magic or a treasure card you have to drink. If you do have the card – everyone else has to drink.