The Dragon’s Fortress

First off… here are better written out directions for the game.

Q:  I am out of cards – I’ve used them all in my fortress. Do I draw two and discard one?

A: Depends….. did someone play either a dragon or a knight to you? if they did and you have no cards to play – your turn is skipped. If they didn’t – you can draw 2 and discard one.

Q: What if I have no cards but the person ahead of me throws out a card I want, can I take that one and one from the deck?

A: Yes you can – but if you wanted the card for your fortress and you use it – even if you need the next card – you’ll have to discard it . Unless it’s the last card you need to win – in that case ROAR! you won.

Q: Not really a question. I like this game! It has a lot of strategy, but it’s simple to remember. I’ve gotten better at winning by just paying more attention to the progress of others and what is thrown away.  Thanks!

A: Thank YOU! It was fun to create and even more fun to play!! I’m glad you are enjoying it!

Q: Sometimes I lose my turn several times in a row, because people keep throwing knights or dragons down in their discard and I have no cards. What can I do?

A: Well if you have no cards it means you only need a couple of cards to win, so it means you are ahead of others who have not built their fortress as fast as you – hang in there, the tide will turn!